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Numero item:8636
Numero pz:520
Numero fig:4
Anno di uscita:2008
Prezzo Italia: -
Prezzo US:$50.00 (0.10 $/pz)
Prezzo Russia:ք2499.00 (4.81 ք/pz)
Peso totale:1164 g (0.04 $/g)
Peso parziale:630 g (0.08 $/g)
Dimensioni:47.7 x 38 x 9 cm
Peso volume:3.26 kg

Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest

Dive under the sea on a top-secret mission! When danger threatens in the ocean depths, it's up to the LEGO Agents to save the day! The mission is to stop Dr. Inferno's henchmen Slime Face and Break Jaw from recovering the sunken treasure. Get there first in the tactical operations sub and use the detachable scuba jet and grappling hook to complete the mission -- but watch out for the glowing deep-sea octopus and the enemy boat's rocket and torpedo launchers! Includes Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Break Jaw and Slime Face minifigures! Watch out for the glow-in-the-dark octopus! Launch the boat's underwater rocket shooter and the flick-fire torpedo launchers! Detach the scuba jet for more underwater adventure! Hide the treasure chest in the sub's secret storage hold! Lift the front of the submarine to reveal hidden missiles! Open the sub's cockpit and put Agent Charge at the controls! Submarine measures 16" (41cm) long and 4'?" (11cm) wide! Henchmen's boat measures 9" (23cm) long and 4" (10cm) wide!

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Another nice underwater Lego set in 8636 - Deep Sea Quest
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