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Informazioni set

Numero item:10200
Numero pz:893
Numero fig:4
Anno di uscita:2008
Prezzo Italia: -
Prezzo US:$70.00 (0.08 $/pz)
Prezzo Russia: -
Peso totale:1284 g (0.05 $/g)
Peso parziale:873 g (0.08 $/g)
Dimensioni:43 x 28.5 x 9.5 cm
Peso volume:2.33 kg
Esclusivo: S@H

Custom Car Garage

Customize these classic hot-rod racers! These custom hot rods are tuned-up, turbo-charged, and ready to burn up the road! Designed by some of the most talented LEGO fans around, they've got classic racing details, innovative parts and building techniques, and modular engines that you can swap from car to car, plus a racing garage with a working auto lift and removable roof to let you customize them even more! Includes 3 cars and drivers, mechanic with tools, High Speed Customs garage, 6 different hot rod engines, and a LEGO Digital Designer CD! Create your own custom models and order them online at LEGO Factory ! 

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