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Numero item:3859
Numero pz:216
Numero fig:7
Anno di uscita:2011
Prezzo Italia: -
Prezzo US:$19.99 (0.09 $/pz)
Prezzo Russia:ք999.00 (4.62 ք/pz)
Peso totale:467 g (0.04 $/g)
Dimensioni:19 x 27 x 6.8 cm
Peso volume:0.70 kg

Nathuz Caverns

Stop the golem lord from creating a monster army in the Caverns of Nathuz!

HEROICA™ is a new series of exciting adventure games that can be played separately or combined into an even greater game experience! Every HEROICA game is a unique adventure to build and explore, with new heroes, monsters and treasure. It's time to explore the world of HEROICA!

Deep inside the Caverns of Nathuz, the Golem Lord has discovered an ancient artifact and is using it to create his own army of monsters. You must fight your way into the caves, but can you recover the Sceptre of Summoning? An expandable world of adventure for 2-3 players.
  • Features 2 different missions
  • Includes 3 heroes and 4 monsters
  • Also includes 1 buildable LEGO dice, building instruction booklet, rules booklet and mission map
  • Game play of 10-15 minutes
  • For 2-3 players

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Героика 3859 - Пещеры Натхуз
DoubleBrick Гильфи

Heroica. Артефакты, монстры и отважные герои...

3859 Пещёры Натхуза
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